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Ayahuasca in My Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming

coverFinally, after 25 years of incubation, Peter Gorman's book is out. Ayahuasca in My Blood - 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming concerns his longstanding relationship with the Amazonian visionary medicine. Here's what people have said about it:

“Unlike many writing about ayahuasca, Peter Gorman knows this plant and these forests long and well. Explorer, ethnobotanist, writer and raconteur – Gorman is uniquely qualified to tell this incredible tale. A wild mixture of adventure, horror, spirituality, tenderness, and insight, Ayahuasca in My Blood is most highly recommended!” -- Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D, President, Amazon Conservation Team and author of Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice.

“Long before ayahuasca tourism became a pastime for rich gringos, Peter Gorman was knocking around Iquitos and the Amazon. He's traveled the rivers and quaffed the brew with the best (and the worst) of them and been way, way beyond the chrysanthemum on many a dark jungle night. This is the intensely personal story of an old-school jungle rat for whom ayahuasca is not just a hobby, but a life-long quest.” -- Dennis McKenna, Ph.D, noted ethnopharmacologist, co-author of The Invisible Landscape, co-founder of the Institute of Natural Products Research and founding board member of the Heffter Research Institute.

“I have known and traveled with Peter for almost a decade and was present for a number of the events he included in this book as well as many others. Don Julio was the most powerful man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Further, as a trained scientist I believe the plant medicine truly offers a doorway to a rich world that needs to be understood in our postmodern lives. This is destined to become a must read for anyone who is serious about understanding the world of the shaman.” -- Lynn Chilson – CEO Chilson Enterprises, Inc.

Ayahuasca in My Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming: $30, including shipping in the U.S. and Canada; $35 with shipping everywhere else..

Also available at Lulu.com and soon available at Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and from all fine on-line booksellers.


The Juice

Peter Gorman’s Amazing Amazon After-Sting Medication - Nothing keeps the mosquitos from biting you in the jungle, but this will prevent infection and eliminate the sting. Works on mosquito and fire ant bites at home as well.

4 oz bottle: $8.95, includes shipping

8 oz bottle: $12.95, includes shipping

Authentic Matses Torches (shipiwi)

Ideal for OUTSIDE ceremonial fires, these torches, made by the Matses Indians of the Rio Galvez, are made from banana leaves wrapped around dried copal, sap from the copal tree. They burn VERY HOT, and the copal liquefies as it burns and splashes when touched with water, making them suitable only for adult use outside, in an area where they will not set anything on fire. But their light and the rich scent of burning copal make them perfect to use in ceremony. Each weighs nearly a kilo and will burn for several hours if used continuously, or will be useable over and over if used for a short time only.

$40.00, includes shipping.


Icaros sung by the late Julio Jerena. Several taped ceremonies by the ayahuascaro Julio Jerena, recorded between 1986-2005. Each lasts about 90-120 minutes.

Each: $20.00, includes shipping

All tapes run between one and two hours
Cost: $15.95 each

Bertha Grove, Southern Ute Medicine Woman
Albert Hofmann: Discoverer of LSD
Richard Evans Shultes: Father of modern ethnobotany
Wade Davis: Ethnobotanist and author
Tim Leary/Ken Kesey/Allen Ginsberg compilation: Three greats
Dennis McKenna: Botanist and entheogenic explorer
John Beresford: Early LSD researcher
Myron Stoloroff: Early LSD researcher
Howard Lotsof: On Ibogaine as addiction interrupter
Dennis Peron: An early medical marijuana interview
Brownie Mary Rathbun: On Medical Marijuana
Kenny Jenks: On medical marijuana and AIDS
Julie Stewart: Founder of Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)
Rom Whitaker: Herpetologist/environmentalist

Some of the photographs are available as fine art prints
Cost: $95.00, in print format with protective cover

    Inquire as to which photographs are available in this format

Mr. Gorman has written five long pieces on ayahuasca. Each runs between 50 and 90 pages and altogether cover 20 years of work with ayahuasca. Shorter versions of three of these stories have appeared in Shaman’s Drum magazine
Cost: $9.50 per photo; $25 for full set

Ayahuasca: The Vine of the Little Death—1992
When Ayahuasca Speaks: An Initiation in Shamanic Healing—1996
Red Magic: An Introduction to Ayahuasca Healing—1998
Ayahuasca Healing and an Inkling of Darkness—2002
Ayahuasca: Gifts from the Plant Spirits—2004

In addition, Peter Gorman has a large collection of drug war/environmental and Amazon feature stories as well as interviews available in print format. Inquire as to subject matter to see list.

© by Peter Gorman, 1983-2007
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